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Volvo XC60 Review

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Volvo XC60 Review

Volvo XC60 Review. Volvo XC 60 is offered with both diesel and petrol variant. The main variants that are launched in the Indian auto market are Volvo XC 60 3.2 AWD Petrol, 60 T6 AWD Petrol, Diesel, Drive Diesel and Volvo XC 60 D 5 AWD Diesel. All the five variants of this model generate awesome power and they are going to be one of the best performers on Indian roads as well as the Indian market.

Depending upon its variant Volvo XC 60 will be priced between RS 30 to RS 50 Lakhs. XC 60 has become one of the best selling sedans in the Global Auto Market. Volvo XC 60 is mainly targeted to give tough competition for BMW X3 and Audi Q5. 60 will be built on the company’s Y20 platform and this sedan was created at the company’s car factory in Ghent Belgium. XC 60 is a premium SUV modeled sedan launched in Indian market by Volvo with cross over the body with advanced features.


– XC will be launched with 5 variants includes both diesel and petrol fuel variant and all the variants are offered with the six-speed gear shift.
-XC 60 3.2 AWD(All Wheel Drive) Petrol will be armored with 3192 cc engine with 6 cylinders which is capable of producing 238 BHP of maximum power.
-XC 60 T 6.0 AWD Petrol is offered with 2953 cc turbocharged engine with 6 cylinders and this engine is capable of generating 285 BHP of power at 5600 RPM.
-XC 60 2.4 D Diesel is gifted with diesel engine with 2.4 L capacity Diesel engine which has a max power train of 175 BHP at 4000 RPM.
-XC 60 2.4 D Drive this variant is also armored with the same capacity engine but provides better driving experience than XC 60 2.4 D.
– XC 60 D5 AWD Diesel this model is reinforced with 2400 cc engine which is capable of producing 205 BHP of max power at 4000 RPM.

Mileage and Acceleration:

XC 60’s both diesel and petrol variants offer economical mileage and amazing acceleration. The petrol variant of this sedan offers 11 KMPL and can reach 100 KMPH mark in just 9.4 seconds whereas diesel variant offers 9 KMPL in city and 13 KMPL on highways and can cross 100 KMPH sprint in 10.2 seconds.


XC 60 is offered with a wide variety of attractive shades which include cosmic white, Passion Red, Barents Blue, Electric Silver, Terra Bronze, Black Stone, Flamenco Red, Seashell, Black Sapphire, Seville Grey, Silver, Chameleon Blue, Lime Grass Green, and Ice White.

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