Range Rover Evoke - Range Rover Evoque
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Range Rover Evoke – Range Rover Evoque

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Range Rover Evoke – Range Rover Evoque

Is the New “Evoque” the Answer to Range Rovers Prayers?

Range Rover Evoke – Range Rover Evoque. Land Rover and Range Rover both remain icon’s of British motor engineering and manufacturing to the rest of the world. To keep in step with the times and current car manufacturing trends, they have just launched the new Range Rover “Evoque” LRX which will feature as their baby entry level crossover SUV 4×4, as a more compact version of the current Sport models.

The Evoke has had a buzz of interest since it was first announced for production. Apart from the usual Range Rover design team and engineers involved in its journey into production from the concept drawing board, the Land Rover Company has also enlisted the consultation of former Spice Girl pop star “Victoria Beckham” in assisting to design of the interior.

The intervention of Victoria Beckham collaborating in the interior design has been a landmark for the company brands and whether it was aiming at added publicity or giving the Evoque a celebrity status before its was launched, who knows? One thing is for sure it’s definitely set a light the SUV market and caused a stir amongst the auto-journalists.

It’s now hard to go very far on the internet, or in the general motoring press without finding reference to the new addition to the Range Rover stable. You could argue that many of the other SUV and 4×4 manufactures have made similar vehicles for a few years now, but none have had the impact so far on the SUV and 4×4 markets as this one.

Historically when Land Rover & Range Rover do something different or introduce a new model, the motor industry and the consumers take notice, although many other automotive companies around the world will watch closely and try to react to the situation, with changes to their range own models and even try to emulate the design features in their brand.

This is a mile stone for the company as this model is unique not only in its design, but the consumer it is aimed at. Its has an entry level price tag of under £30,000, it comes in a 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive versions, which is a move to address and improve the fuel consumption and we are all experiencing the ever-changing fuel prices at the pumps.

The Evoque is also aimed at being far greener and environmentally friendly than previous models currently available, as it has fuel friendly 2.2-litre diesel engine which returns around 58mpg (in tested conditions) and falls below the 130g/km of CO2 (in the front-wheel-drive model), so you can even feel good about driving. The new Evoque could be the answer to Range Rovers prayers.

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