2019 Honda Accord Coupe
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2019 Honda Accord Coupe

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2019 Honda Accord Coupe

Honda Accord – Luxury For The Common Man

2019 Honda Accord Coupe. Honda Accord has held Honda’s head high ever since it was first launched in 1976. The first model of the Accord was a hatchback which enjoyed a five-year life till it was discontinued in 1981 when Honda launched the Accord as a sedan and as a coupe. As of now, this luxury car is in its Eighth Generation and has become the flagship Honda sedan in many countries.

The present generation of the vehicle is by far the biggest in terms of size and footprint, thanks to the constantly increasing demands for a bigger car from the States and from the Asian markets. Still, the current Accord finds itself just at the lower limit of being a Full-Size Car according to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency.

Honda Accord is by far rated as one of the World’s most reliable cars and enjoys a very consumer appreciated history. It has also been awarded as the best luxury sedan by various publications in some countries. Read also: Honda CRV 2018

The premium sedan was in its Sixth Generation when it was launched since then the Accord has never seen a bad day. The success of this premium offering in some countries relies hey on the its reliability and Honda’s superior servicing and excellent reach with dealerships even in remote areas.

The present generation Honda Accord looks the most attractive out of the previous generations. The mass and bulk surrounding the Accord lend an aura of another world to it. This car is feature rich too and matches even the executive German sedans in certain aspects.

The rakish headlamp treatment with the bold grill and chrome treatment lend a sense of occasion to the stately sedan. The little bulge of the wheel arches and a very prominent shoulder line provides the solidity to the design. From the rear too, the Honda Accord looks big and as classy as from any other angle.

The Honda Accord is available in two engine options and two transmission options. A total of three variants are available with different permutations and combinations of the engines and transmission. Read: History of Toyota

The Accord’s enormous success in India is not just the result of an excellently put together vehicle but also due to the strategically correct pricing. The Honda Accord presently sets high standards and benchmarks in its segment and there is no doubt whatsoever that the next generations of the Accord will continue to raise the bar.

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