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BMW X2 Interior

BMW Interior Parts – How to Make Your BMW’s Interior Look and Feel More Luxurious or Sporty

BMW X2 Interior. You may think that the interior of your BMW is impeccable, and wonder why anyone would want to purchase aftermarket BMW Interior Parts to improve the look. Sure, the interior of a BMW is a huge upgrade from some other cars you may have driven, but when you compare it to the interior of cars from VW, Audi, and even some Mercedes models, the Interior of a BMW leaves something to be desired, surprisingly.

So what types of Interior Parts can help spruce up the cabin of your BMW?


A great place to start is definitely the pedals. Even on the higher end models, BMW does not offer aluminum pedals, instead of using those ugly rubber ones. You can get a beautiful set of Aluminum pedals to upgrade your car for under $100, and you’ll enjoy them every time you drive.

Interior Trim

Whether you choose Carbon Fiber or just paint the interior trim of your BMW, this is one of the parts that you’ll notice most in the interior. Upgrading the interior trim is a great way to brighten up the interior.

Shift Knobs

You don’t have to live with an ugly BMW Shift Knob. You can match your other aluminum or carbon fiber BMW Interior Parts with a new shift knob, which is something you’ll touch every day, so spoil yourself a little.

Floor Mats

One of the most overlooked BMW Interior Parts is the floor mats… but you can really change the feel of your interior with some Vorsteiner Floor Matts, or even just by adding black floor mats to the interior of your red or tan leather BMW… they will stand out and change the entire look of your BMW’s Interior.

These are just a few of the options you have when shopping for BMW Interior Parts. You can also look into a new steering wheel, some interior xenon lighting, or even racing seats. The possibilities really are endless, so check out a leading place for BMW Interior Parts and BMW Modifications in general, at Jlevi StreetWerks.

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