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Lexus ES 350 2018

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Lexus ES 350 2018

Lexus ES 350 Combines Sophistication With Luxury And Performance

Lexus ES 350 2018. The Lexus ES 350 is engineered to stand out even from other Lexus sedan models that are on the market today. The 3.5-liter V6 engine outputs 272 horsepower and 254 lb-ft of torque. The six-speed sequential shift automatic transmission was designed to give you a smooth and confident ride. This 5-passenger luxury sedan was built with the comfort and relaxation of each passenger in mind.

The exterior design was engineered with aerodynamics in mind to enhance high-speed ride quality, reduce wind noise while also reducing fuel usage. A special cover is mounted underneath the engine to help reduce front-end lift as the vehicle increases speed.

Lexus spent extra time thinking of ways to make this model sedan even more unique and they began with adding some very unique and showy exterior colors. Three colors out of the ten available color choices do nothing more than adds to this model’s unique body style and contour lines. Blue Onyx Pearl, Aquamarine Pearl, and Amber Pearl were chosen to put the ES 350 in a league of its own.

Three interior color options that you can choose to have with a perforated or smooth finish. The panorama glass roof is a first for Lexus and gives the vehicle twin skylights with a full-length glass roofline making all trips very enjoyable for passengers. Integrated fog lamps are included with function as well as an appearance in mind. They give the vehicle extra visibility during foggy conditions but also add to the unique look of the ES 350. Read also: Best Luxury Cars 2018

Lexus ES 350 models also include some top of the line safety features including the availability of ten airbags depending on the severity of the accident; vehicle stability control and traction control which uses sensors to determine slippery surfaces and any lateral slips of the tires; pre-collision system that uses radar sensors that continuously measure the distance and closing speed of the vehicle traveling directly ahead of you to prevent accidents or prepare the vehicle in case an accident is unavoidable. These and many more safety inclusions have been installed for your protection and that of your precious cargo. You can never be safe enough but Lexus wants you to have extra peace of mind when conditions are worse than expected.

Your local Lexus ES 350 dealers have many color and option packages available for you to choose from. The inclusive warranty is included for your convenience with your car and its long-term use in mind. A new car is a big investment and having the best technology and backup plan available is by far the most appealing aspect of the Lexus ES 350. Lexus wants to ensure that you get your money’s worth and many years of satisfaction from your new car.

The staff and service technicians are there for any preventive or sudden maintenance needs you may encounter as well as any upgrades you wish to add to this already very complete vehicle. The unpredictable can happen anytime and knowing that your Lexus car will be well taken care of and returned in top quality condition is by far the most important gift Lexus can give its new Lexus owners. Copyright 2007 – All rights reserved by Dana Stephens.

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