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Volkswagen Sport Cars

Volkswagen Makes Cars for Enthusiast Drivers

Volkswagen Sports Cars. Volkswagen knows that there are many enthusiasts that love the cars they make. From the Beetle, Golf, and W8 models, VW goes out of its way to create cars that will draw global attention. This is very clean in the way that the German automaker produces limited production cars like the special edition Volkswagen R32 or the VW Beetle Convertible Flint Edition. Cars like these are introduced in limited numbers and have a huge following.

The 2004 Volkswagen Golf R32 is a sports model VW GTI that only 5000 were made. What makes the R32 special is that it comes from the factory one way. Every Volkswagen R32 comes with Recaro sport seats, 6-speed manual transmission, 4Motion all-wheel drive, 18-inch alloy wheels, a very distinct body kit, and a VR6 engine.

Another limited production Volkswagen is the Flint Edition VW Beetle Convertible. The Flint Edition Beetle is unique because like the VW R32 only 5000 of this car were produced for the US market. What makes this car very special is the color combination. The exterior is Flint Gray metallic while the interior and convertible top are both Garnett Red. This car is available in both an automatic transmission and manual. Read: 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

The Volkswagen W8 is a special edition Passat model that was produced from 2002 to 2004. This was a vehicle that used some of Volkswagen’s state of the art technology to create an engine that was unlike any others out on the road. The basic concept of the W8 engine is to take two 4 cylinder engines and forge them together side-by-side to create an eight cylinder motor. The W8 Passat is available in a sedan or wagon and with an automatic or six-speed transmission. The rarest W8 model that Volkswagen produced was the W8 Passat Wagon in a six-speed manual transmission.

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